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Block Island Race Week 2018

June 25, 2018


20180620_180342.jpgBIRW-Manitou.jpg20180620_180412.jpg841D6318-2A1D-4F24-BB31-40F3707C927A-814-000001943506C778.jpgBIRW-Yellow Blue Spinnaker - around the block.jpgIMG_1250.jpgIMG_1224.jpgTeam Members

  • Jesse Biggers
  • Russy Arnone
  • Jacek Kuropatwinski
  • Dina Temple-Raston
  • Anneliese Slamowitz
  • Dashiell Slamowitz
  • Greg Slamowitz
  • Orrin Starr
  • Justin Taubman
  • Michael Chammout
  • Hannah Gelnaw
  • Sibley Dickinson
  • Champ Starr

Nice article in the Block Island Times about Team Manitou written by Anneliese Slamowitz

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